The   Hellabama   Honky   Tonks   sound   like   a   roarin’   postcard   from   theBavarian swamps, brought to you by a hot rodded V8 postcar! Influencedby   rockers   like   Hank   Williams,   the   Stray   Cats,   Carl   Perkins   and   evenReverend   Horton   Heat,   the   Hellabama   Honky   Tonks   have   developed   asound   unique   in   the   world   of   Rock’n   Roll!   Three   voices,   an   overdrivensixstring,   a   big   bad   doghouse   bass   and   a   pumping   and   swinging   set   ofdrums – that’ s what is called High Octane Hillbilly Rock’n Roll at its best, apatchwork of rough Rockabilly, fast Country and a little bit of Swing  - justlike the sound of an old V8 engine – sometimes fast, sometimes dirty, butalways with toneful with a lot of rhythm! Because of their furious and wildlive shows the band is one of Germany’s hottest rockin’ acts! So, folks, getready for a doze of High Octane Hillbilly Rock’n Roll that will tear the roofoff!


Vocals, guitar


Doghouse Bass, backvocals


Drums, Backvocals

Album Releases:

Six Feet under

( 2009, Distribution: Crazy Love Records)

High Octane Hillbilly Rock’n Roll

( 2011, Part Records)

Bang Boom Jubilee

( 2013, Part Records)

...more to come soon!

Other releases:

Various Dynamite samplers

( Huber Verlag Mannheim)

DVD Walldorf Weekender 2012

( Part Records Publishing)

CD Walldorf Weekender 2012

( Part Records Publishing)


Bands we played or toured with:

The Polecats-The Astro Zombies-The Peacocks-The Jancee Pornick Casino-The Matadors-The Creepshow-Si Cranstoun-Voodoo Swing-Mad Sin-Mars Attacks-Ski King-Boppin’ B-Skinny Jim and the Number 9 Blacktops-Pep Torres and the hard rollin’ Daddies-Jackson Sloan-Ray Gelato-Graham Fenton-Söhne Mannheims-Wolfgang Niedeken-Josh Stone and many more...


Sponsoring partners/ Support

We regularly play shows for King Kerosin Clothing, Mannheim-Goldi is proud to be endorsed by Duesenberg Guitars, Hannover-Madsn is proud to be endorsed by Thornack Drums-We are proud to be sponsored by Bonecrusher Hairpomade-We are proud to be supported by Bavaria Kustomz ClothingMiscellaneous:We regularly play shows for -Harley Factory Frankfurt/ Main-Walz Hardcore Bikes Hockenheim-Hardknock 5150 Bikes San Francisco-King Kerosin Red Carpet Lounge

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